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Fondant is used:

- to cover cakes and cupcakes
- to mould figurines
- to make decorations

Suhkrukunst recommends:

* Before using knead the fondant until pliable (it is more comfortable to do it in smaller portions) - that helps to intesify the colour and prevents it from cracking.
* Roll out or mould the sugarpaste on a surface that has been lightly dusted with cornflower or icing sugar. Best is to use a special icing dredger or dusting pouch. Ready to use paste is elastic and non-sticky.
* To make sugarflowers and 3D decorations add 1 tbls petal powder to 250 g fondant - the paste becomes more elastic, can be rolled very thin and dries stone-hard in room temperature.
* Keep the opened or partially used paste airtight in a dry room about 15-20C temperature (definitely not in the refrigerator!).
* If the paste has become very dry and hard over time, then it should be kneaded through in small portions very carefully. If necessary add some solid vegetable fat or a little glycerol to the paste. Heating in the microwave also helps to soften the paste (a few seconds at a time). Fondant should be at roomtemperature before using.